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Discover how our M.A.P. to Millions Framework Generates Multiple 5 Figure Months Without Social Media Burnout, Working Less & Earning More!
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What you will learn:

In this session, I'm going to share the EXACT framework that allowed me to replace my corporate salary, scaled to multiple 6 figures, and created a pathway to building our 8 figure brand. 

shift #1

You DON'T need to stair step your way to the success and level you desire. 

They want you to believe that you have to stair-step your way to success. They want you to believe that you have to start with a $997 course, or maybe even a $5K coaching package, and I'm here to flip the whole script on that. Just like YOU, my clients and I are expert TODAY. This means we don't have to get ready to get ready. We knew our clients wanted a high touch experience, and we saw the big vision we desired for our growing companies. 

I'm going to reveal exactly how I created and leveraged my reverse hyper growth strategy.

Shift #2

You don't need to produce massive amounts of content to make money in your business

Clarity in messaging is everything. When it comes to high ticket client attraction & acquisition, most people get this wrong. Many coaches spend too much time worrying about where to find these clients and less time on how to say what they want to hear. 

I remember the EXACT shift I had to make in order to start calling in high value clients and I'm sharing it during this session. 

shift #3

You DON'T need a large following, influencer status, blue checks and special approval to build a multi six-figure online brand

It's easy to believe you need a massive audience to have a wildly successful business, because a lot of people chase the wrong things. Would you rather be able to swipe up on IG or real life? I prefer my swipes in Nordstrom or even Target. YES a thriving audience is great, and absolutely over time you will grow a massive following! 

For now, I'm going to show you how to leverage the audience you DO have to build your business so that you have the resources to strategically build your audience while scaling your revenue. 

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About Your Speaker
Tanya watkins | ceo of massive brand consulting 
Tanya, High Ticket Monetization Coach, is also a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Course Creator, Podcast Host, and Advocate Against Domestic Violence. Tanya, who studied Marketing at Berkeley College, has over 17 years of corporate sales, leadership, and marketing experience and has generated well over $120+ million dollars in revenue for Fortune 250 businesses. Tanya’s expertise centers around helping professional and creative women to create, market, and sell high ticket programming with the power of savvy marketing strategy, relationship selling, and client attractive branding.

The mission of Massive Brand Consulting educate women on how to build and develop profitable businesses and “activate massive brands” leveraging a high ticket & transformational business model. 

We help women to create businesses that are uniquely designed by packaging their passions and talents into high value service offers and become highly profitable to create a global impact and serve others at their highest level.

We do this by creating and delivering information products in the form of online courses, coaching programs, a podcast, and other experiences by using our proven 7-pronged approach, The Massive Brand Method. 

We know we’re successful when we create a transformation in our client’s business that dramatically increases their company’s revenue (hello 50K+ months!), and also helps them to create the blueprint for a heightened level of efficiency in the organization of their company. 

We also aim to help build dynamic and high performance teams within their businesses, and ultimately to help them to live their best CEO life. With a growing audience of over 20,000 women entrepreneurs, we’re on a mission to help our clients secure 1 billion dollars in marketshare in the online coaching industry. - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy